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An Idea Becomes a Reality!

Finalizing Dance with Sepharad

And that idea is Dance with Sepharad!

Click on the player above to listen to “Mwashah”, the first track of Dance with Sepharad.

For many years I have been working to increase the public’s awareness of the fascinating and vast repertoire of the Sephardim. My 15 CD discography reflects my passion for this music and culture. My 16th CD, Dance with Sepharad, is not an exception: a loving homage of my musical heritage.

I selected these classics from the Sephardic and Middle Eastern repertoire for their powerful melodies and touching lyrics and reinterpreted them with a very contemporary flavor. The many hours I worked with my dear friend and musical soulmate (and sound engineer) Frank Wolf have surely paid off!  This album showcases traditional musical gems set to a world-beat groove and some amazing musical contributions by Meg Okura, Sean Kupisz, Brian Adler & Małgorzata Pańko. Check out the track list:

  1. Mwashah
  2. En La Mar
  3. Esta Montaña
  4. Scalerica De Oro
  5. Linda Amiga
  6. Kochav Tzedek
  7. Porque Llorax
  8. A La Una Yo Nací
  9. Durme, Durme
  10. A La Una Nací Yo
  11. Tanguillos

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