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La Rosa Linda, a Sephardic Traditional Song

Hello Everyone!

Finally, the first clip of the concert at the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews is here! This is “La Rosa Linda”, a beautiful Sephardic traditional song from Turkey. We’ll be posting more videos soon, stay tuned!

Here are the lyrics in Ladino and a translation into English. “La Rosa Linda” means “the pretty flower” and in this case it refers to a beautiful maiden:

Ladino English
La rosa linda salio a la mar
Ay sarica, linda y hermozica
Traeme agua
No te puedo yo traerte agua
Soy descalza, me cayo rocío
Yo me vo helar

Quite galechas mete zapatos
Si el Dío grande el me ayuda
Yo te vo mercar zapatos del capan

No me prema mi que me merques tu
Padre tengo mercader muy grande
El me mercara zapatos del capan

The pretty rose went out to the sea
Oh, my beautiful young girl
Bring me water
I cannot bring you water
I am barefoot, the dew has fallen
And I will freeze

Take off your slippers, put shoes on
If the great God helps me
I will buy you shoes at the market

Do not lavish your gift upon me
My father has a very large store
He will buy me shoes at the market