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Off to Poland!

Gerard Edery with Małgorzata Pańko

June 19th and I am once again off to Warsaw for 2 concerts with mezzo-soprano Małgorzata Pa&#324ko and oboist Kamila Grott. It should be an interesting combination. I must say that my programs of Sephardic music have been extremely well received throughout Poland. I have sung at least 15 to 20 concerts in the last two years.

Following my Warsaw concerts I will take my first vacation in over two years. I’m looking forward to a lot of ocean swimming in the Atlantic waters about an hour north of West Palm Beach, Florida. I hope there are no shark warnings. I work up to about 2 1/2 miles and if I’m too zoned out I certainly don’t want to be bait! I love the beach, the ocean, the heat. It must be my Moroccan DNA.