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Margaret Zox Brown

Margaret Zox Brown
  • Name: Margaret Zox Brown
  • Position: Paintings

I am a New York City based Expressionist oil painter having been painting for the past 26 years and showing and selling my art for 21 years. I have exhibited and my art resides all over the world in private collections as well as public venues. I have been interviewed in videos for galleries, online for art sites, on the radio and live as a Keynote speaker around an exhibition of my art. With my paintings, color is my true subject, always, while the essence of my subject matter, whatever it is (a figure, a still life or an object) is what leads the viewer through the emotional journey that is my art. Both drawing and painting are significant for me with the process of each being what I am ultimately trying to reveal in each painting. The viewer’s relationship with the art and thus mine with the viewer are strong, present and sought after.

Margaret’s painting graces the cover of Gerard’s Best of album.