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Gerard is a frequent guest at educational and other institutions, where he combines performances with scholarly lectures and talks, workshops and masterclasses on a wide variety of subjects connected with his expertise.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Edery… handled languages and stylistic details impeccably.

— Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Austinist

Master singer, guitarist and musical folklorist Gerard Edery draws from a globetrotting range of musical styles…plaintive baritone and awe-inspiring guitar virtuosity.

— The Austinist

Norwich Bulletin

Like the ghost of a medieval minstrel Gerard Edery strums his guitar and sings hauntingly.

— Norwich Bulletin

Sample Programs

The Spirit of Sepharad – traces the unique migration of the Sephardim from medieval Spain, across North Africa, to the Middle East and beyond. Combining music, narration and illuminating art and video projections, this dynamic mixed-media performance brings to life all the rich cultural strains of the Sephardic Diaspora.

Sephardic Secular Songs in Liturgy: Crossing boundaries as often as crossing borders – This session deals with the melodies that were taken from prayer to the street and vice versa, all in the name of cultural sustainability during the Golden Age of Spain. Oral traditions are fluid! It is the responsibility of contemporary artists to redefine oral traditions in order to keep them vital in the present and accessible for future generations.

Workshop: “What makes it Sephardic?” Maqams, Modes, Scales and Beyond! This session is a nuts-and-bolts breakdown of the many facets of Sephardic music; from the Flamenco and Spanish influences to the Arabic scales and modes; from Middle Eastern rhythmic asymmetries to the diverse languages that were spoken and sung. Prepare to learn palmas (hand clapping as percussion) and some beautiful, unforgettable melodies that you can teach to your communities.

Treasures of Sephardic Song – Concert of Sephardic favorites and unknown gems. The songs which span many centuries will be put into a historical and cultural context.

Everybody’s Song… and Story! This workshop/performance is a participatory exploration of songs and stories from the Sephardic Oral Tradition and beyond. In this fun and educational program we will focus on songs and stories shared by diverse cultures, giving emphasis to the universal elements permeating them all. Many humorous songs and witty stories appropriate for families and their children.

Three Faiths, Three Cultures – will explore the rich literary and musical cross-fertilization that occurred in Medieval Spain between people of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths. This fascinating mosaic of songs and stories from the Golden Age of Spain beckons us to once again find creative ways to diffuse  the political tensions that exist today. Let’s put down our guns and pick up our ouds!

This is a highly customizable program. Contact us for additional programs and options.