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Best of Gerard Edery

Best of Gerard Edery
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The Austinist

Master singer, guitarist and musical folklorist Gerard Edery draws from a globetrotting range of musical styles…plaintive baritone and awe-inspiring guitar virtuosity.

— The Austinist

Il Messaggero, Italy

A fascinating mosaic of song

— Il Messaggero, Italy

Gerard regularly uncovers and preserves songs from Europe, the Middle East, South American and ancient Persia, energizing these repertoires by teaming up with some of the world’s most highly acclaimed virtuoso musicians. His special brand of world music prizes formal authenticity with multi-cultural fusion.

This 2-CD collection is a 20-year retrospective of his best Sephardic music released through Sefarad Records from 1991 through 2011.


Disc 1:

  1. Bin el Barach
  2. Los Guisados
  3. Los Ejes
  4. Adir Hu
  5. Chacarera de las Piedras
  6. Lie Down Beside Me
  7. Gülpembe
  8. Tres Morillas
  9. La Añera
  10. Allí En El Midbar
  11. Des Oge Mais
  12. When in Death
  13. Where Corals Lie
Disc 2:

  1. La Tendresse
  2. Unexpected Cheer
  3. Galanika
  4. Mas Vale Trocar
  5. Por Amar Una Donzella
  6. En La Fuente
  7. Ayrylymagyz
  8. Shumnya Biarosy
  9. Tres Hermanicas
  10. Aquella Mora Garrida
  11. Dai de Cenar
  12. Small Stone



Frank English, photography
Frank Wolf, engineer

Produced by Gerard Edery

© 2011

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Discography, Gerard Edery Ensemble