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Cantorial Soloist

Jewish Liturgy of Diverse Origins

Cantorial Soloist
  • Performers Gerard Edery - Vocals, Guitar, Saz
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Gerard Edery has been singing the Jewish Liturgy of diverse origins for over 20 years. He has been a cantorial soloist for The Village Temple in New York City, leading High Holiday and other services for many years with Rabbi Chava Koster. He also performs with renowned cantors Alberto Mizrahi and Aaron Bensoussan in his group, The Sons of Sepharad, singing liturgical treasures from the Sephardi, Mizrahi and Ashkenazi traditions.

The Jewish Week

His utter ease is more likely the product of the same self-assurance and relaxation that make him comfortable singing in a dozen different languages, playing guitar in a multitude of styles and negotiating more than a half-millennium’s worth of Sephardic cultural history.

— The Jewish Week

The Jewish Daily Forward

A one-man Sephardic music industry. He always seems to be working on something new.

— The Jewish Daily Forward

The Jerusalem Post

Edery is a musical magician.

— The Jerusalem Post

The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

Your music transports the imagination and spirit.

— The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

As a producer and performer, Edery is a cultural powerhouse: Bringing music from many Jewish traditions together, he urges his listeners both to know that Jews are connected by the same prayers the world over, and to discover how diverse the sounds of those prayers can be.

— The Seattle Jewish Transcript

Detroit Jewish News

Edery infuses everything he sings with a searing intensity…

— Detroit Jewish News

Gerard is a frequent guest cantorial soloist at Synagogues and Jewish Community Centers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

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