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The Gerard Edery Sephardic Songbook

  • Publication The Gerard Edery Sephardic Songbook: for Voice and Guitar
  • Author Gerard Edery
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  • Includes:
    A pronounciation guide
    Music and lyrics of:
    Montañas Altas
    Ya Salio de la Mar la Galana
    Nani, Nani,
    No la Puso Su Madre
    Shalom Alechem Señores
    Avrix Mi Galanika
    Fel Sharah Canet Betet Masha
    La Roza Enflorece
    Alli en el Midbar
    ... and many others!
  • and a CD with 17 of these songs

This highly praised songbook by Sephardic singer/composer/guitarist Gerard Edery contains 40 musical gems from the Sephardic oral tradition. Includes ballads, songs of courtship, love and marriage, as well as liturgical pieces.

Includes a 17-track CD, Ladino pronunciation guide, lyrics and translations, and a foreword by renowned author/storyteller Peninnah Schram.

Songs are arranged in an easily readable format that highlights melody and guitar chords with suggested accompaniments. Includes: Montanas Altas * Shalom Alechem Senores * La Roza Linda * Eli Eliyahu * Tus Cavellos Seda Son * and many more!