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Testimonials & Appreciations

…humorous and magical…captivated our hearts and souls…

— Congregation Ohav Shalom, NY

I love watching him interact with students, especially in the smaller group settings. Gerard is very engaging and he gets their attention and responds to them very personally. With my Spanish students he gave them enough language to push and challenge them a little but then always backed up and made sure that they understood. He is a wonderful performer and a delightful presence.

— Westover School Teacher

Gerard Edery specializes in the music of the Sephardic diaspora, which is no small corner to stake out. The cultures of Sephardic Jews span continents and cross oceans, and include the music and lore of countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America—they’ve been especially important in liminal zones like the Middle East and the Balkans, and they’ve cross-influenced other wandering tribes like the Romany. With a guitar style touched by the fluidity of flamenco and a deep voice slightly reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, Edery brings his copious historical and anthropological research to life—he’s studied places and times like the early Argentinian Jewish community and the Jewish cultural life of medieval Muslim Spain—and in the process transports his listeners to another past in another country.

— M.K., Chicago World Music Festival

The best concert we ever have had here

— Westover School Student

…a wonderfully rich Jewish experience

— Congregation Etz Chayyim, IL

This day was one of the best we have had in a long while. Gerard inspired us with both his music and his kind, heartfelt, generous words. His musical settings were beautiful and interesting. For instance, his guitar accompaniment and harmonies for “Go Down, Moses,” a song many of us have heard hundreds of times, were by far the most interesting and original I have ever heard.

— Westover School

You were superb!   The feedback from the audience was fabulous.  The quality and professionalism of your performances are of the highest caliber.   It was a totally enjoyable evening.  Indeed we look forward to your next engagement here at QC.

— Queens College, Center for Jewish Studies

I loved having the chance to listen to his music, it was a lot of fun!

— Westover School Student

Gerard was amazing. There is no question that this guy knows what he is doing. He is confident, passionate, expressive, talented and personable. His co-performers were also so impressive. I’ve never seen a person play the bass and the beat box at the same time. Wow. We really enjoyed Gerard’s whole program and style to the point that it felt too short.

— Concertgoer, Phoenicia Festival of the Song