Bringing to life the classic stylings of Argentinian folk music, Gerard Edery interprets the sublime poetry of the repertoire of Atahualpa Yupanqui, revealing its cultural depth with reverent sensitivity.  Gerard’s vocal and instrumental virtuosity and his masterful arrangements create an unforgettable musical experience.


  • Gerard Edery - vocals, guitar
  • Daniel Ori - upright bass


  1. Chacarera De Las Piedras
  2. La Pastorcita
  3. Guitarra Dimelo To
  4. De Aquellos Cerros Vengo
  5. La Flecha
  6. Cordoba Norte
  7. Poncho De 4 Colores
  8. La Anera
  9. El Arriero Va
  10. Los Ejes
  11. Caminito Del Indio
  12. Vasija De Barro
  13. Duerme Negrito


  • Frank Wolf, sound engineering and percussion
  • Gene Paul and Joel Kerr, mastering
  • Produced by Gerard Edery
  • Engineered by Frank Wolf
  • Paintings by Brigitte Edery

© 2012