“Functioning in the obscure but captivatingly beautiful niche of Judeo-Spanish music, this New York-based trio performs Sephardic folk songs and music from Renaissance Spain in a sparse setting with classical guitar, light percussion, and the male-female vocal combination of Gerard Edery and Cassandra Hoffman. Singing in Spanish and Ladino—a Latin language closely related to Spanish—Edery and company offer such lovely Sephardic pieces as “Montañas Altas”, the entrancing “No la puso su madre”, and “Avrij mi Galanika”. Among the Spanish Renaissance tunes are “Linda Amiga”, “Aquella Mora Garrida”, and “En la Fuente”, all dating from the late 15th and early 16th centuries. A music steeped in cultural heritage and rich in tonal, harmonic, and lyrical qualities.” - Billboard Magazine


Songs of the Sephardim

  1. Montañas Altas
  2. Nani, Nani
  3. No la puso su madre
  4. A la una yo nací
  5. Avrij mi galanika
  6. La Sirena

Songs of Renaissance Spain

  1. Ay, linda amiga
  2. Tres Morillas
  3. Aquella mora garrida
  4. Mas vale trocar
  5. En la fuente
  6. Rodrigo Martinez


  • Gerard Edery - vocals, guitar
  • Cassandra Hoffman - vocals
  • Rex Benincasa - percussion


  • Trout, engineer
  • Gene Paul, DB+, mastering engineer
  • José Assouline, graphic design
  • Frank English, photography
  • Produced by Gerard Edery and Eugene Lavenue
  • Recorded and mixed at Organic Music, New York City

© 1996