Press Quotes & Appreciations

Together, the three ‘sons’ entertain and inspire with a history-tugging repertoire which encompasses Ladino, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew and even English renditions of age-old, traditional melodies and the occasional modern creation.
— Canadian Jewish News
Gerard Edery, a master of Sephardic song, turns Adina Ruskin’s verses into a rich mixture of Latin American musical genres… the ability to combine Ms. Ruskin’s lyrics and the emotional expressions into a single human outcry is remarkable…
— The New York Times
A music steeped in cultural heritage and rich in tonal, harmonic and lyrical qualities.
— Billboard
Edery and his band are among the best interpreters of Sephardic Music in the business.
— The New York Jewish Week
Edery is a musical magician.
— The Jerusalem Post
Gerard Edery is a harmonic convergence of music, language and cultures.
— Green Bay Press
Gerard Edery’s vocal and guitar mastery transported those present…an artist at the height of his powers
— A.M. Guanajuato, Mexico
This artist is going to be difficult to pigeon-hole. He has an operatic voice, plays excellent guitar, sings folk songs in several languages, sometimes with chorus and/or orchestra… A unique album for listeners with eclectic tastes.
— Victory Review
A one-man Sephardic music industry. He always seems to be working on something new.
— The Jewish Daily Forward
As a producer and performer, Edery is a cultural powerhouse: Bringing music from many Jewish traditions together, he urges his listeners both to know that Jews are connected by the same prayers the world over, and to discover how diverse the sounds of those prayers can be.
— The Seattle Jewish Transcript
Master singer, guitarist and musical folklorist Gerard Edery draws from a globetrotting range of musical styles…plaintive baritone and awe-inspiring guitar virtuosity.
— The Austinist