two faiths, one voice

An Ecumenical Celebration Honoring Christianity and Judaism

A celebration of the deep-rooted parallels between Christian and Jewish traditions, this program features two of the world’s most renowned musical polyculturalists, Maria Krupoves and Gerard Edery. Together they uncover the synergistic and haunting dimensions of a broad repertoire of traditional music imaginatively arranged for contemporary audiences.

By weaving together folk songs, chants, and prayers from across centuries and across Europe and the Middle East, they show that the human need for a spiritual dimension defies all boundaries of time and place. This ecumenical program uncovers the surprising synergies between Eastern-European (Jewish and Christian) and Middle Eastern (Jewish and Arabic) musical faiths. Join them for a unifying experience as their voices blend in devotional and secular songs from the far-reaching Sephardic Diaspora and Eastern Europe.